Requesting an App (Updated July 2021)

  1. Prior to requesting an app, the teachers should be familiar with it and have an idea of how it will be used for instruction
  2. Apps should be consistent for a grade level or course (i.e., teachers in fifth grade, ELA 8th teachers)
  3. At the elementary, lead teachers should discuss app selection.
  4. Apps will be approved by the building principal
  5. App turn around time will be approximately 5 school days after principal approval

Select your school's App Request form from the list below. In order to access the App Request forms, you must be logged into your Google Apps account for verification. After you submit your request, a copy of your request will be sent to your principal for approval.

Click here for Shelbyville High School App Request Form
Click here for Shelbyville Middle School App Request Form

Click here for Elementary School App Request Form

Click here for Special Education App Request Form