Unblock a Website

As part of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Shelbyville Central Schools is required by law to have a “filtering/blocking device” on all computers with internet access. The filter/blocking device must attempt to protect against access to online depictions that are obscene or harmful to minors.   But as we all know, internet filters are far from perfect and there will be good educational websites that will get blocked at times.

So in an effort to enhance learning within the classroom, we have created this online form for teachers to use to request that an educational site be unblocked.  If a staff member would like to have a site unblocked, the first step is for the staff member to visit the site from their home or other location where it is not filtered and check the site for inappropriate content by browsing several pages and following several links posted on the website.

Then once the staff member feels comfortable with taking responsibility for the content of the website, select the correct form for your school from the list below. Answer the questions on the Website Review page for your school and submit the request.   Your request will automatically go to your principal and the tech department.  A copy of your request will also come to your email account.

You will receive an email reply to your request if the website is unblocked or if the request cannot be fulfilled.

Choose your school's Website Review Form below

Coulston Elementary Website Review Request

Hendricks Elementary Website Review Request

Loper Elementary Website Review Requ

Middle School Website Review Request

High School Website Review Request